Eraclea Mare

Eraclea Mare is an oasis of peace and the perfect starting point to explore other countless unspoiled little worlds. The perfect holiday for those looking for long sun and salt water baths, but also cultural immersions in the boundless richness of a territory teeming with tradition. Regenerating walks await you, in the shade of the fragrant pinewood, on the paths that run alongside the Piave river or on the long sandy strips sheltering migratory birds. The many little and big cellars scattered in the surrounding countryside will cheer you up with their warmth and their precious wines. Village festivals, markets and local crafts but also water parks, made in Italy shopping, nightlife and cities of art are just a few kilometres away.


Bandiera Blu 2019

Laguna del Mort (VE)

9 minutes (3 km)

Ca’ Corniani, Terra d’avanguardia (VE)

18 minutes (13 km)

Portogruaro (VE)

40 minutes (38 km)

Venezia (VE)

50 minutes (50 km)

Treviso (TV)

53 minutes (51 km)

Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet

17 minutes (13 km)

Parco Acquatico Caribe Bay Jesolo (VE)

23 minutes (22 km)

Parco Acquatico Aquafollie Caorle (VE)

17 minutes (13 km)

Weekly markets

Eraclea mare ore 20.00-23.00 via Dancalia
(only on summer)


San Donà di Piave


Eraclea, Cavallino, Ceggia, Motta di Livenza, Treviso


Meolo, Oderzo


Cortellazzo, Noventa di Piave, Musile di Piave, Portogruaro


Jesolo, Fossalta di Piave, Torre di Mosto


Caorle, Treviso


Torre di Fine